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Retail Metrics 
and Reporting Workshop

What are actionable metrics?  When you read a report containing actionable metrics, you call somebody and say "Do this and we will make more money" or "Stop this because we are losing money on it."  You have a daily or weekly meeting to run through the reports with key decision makers  - and people want to come to the meeting because they can make profit generating decisions and track the results of these decisions.

What will you learn in the 1 day Customer Metrics and Reporting Workshop?

Part 1

  • Which data is meaningful and important to collect and which data can be ignored
  • How to aggregate data without losing the most important action-oriented details
  • How to create simple but powerful metrics that really mean something to the profitability of your business - without bringing in a Ph.D. statistician
  • How to turn these metrics into a "where we are now" benchmarking report to measure future performance and quantify your contribution to increased profitability

Part 2

  • How to measure the performance of your "front-end" - visitor conversion to buyer - and use these metrics to both improve average visitor conversion and attract new visitors who are more likely to convert in the first place
  • How to measure the performance of your "back-end" - converting first time buyers to repeat buyers - and use these metrics to both increase average repeat rate and attract buyers who are more likely to repeat in the first place

Part 3

  • How to create and use the single most powerful retailing metric - ranking customers by likelihood to buy again
  • How to turn this ranking into a continuous improvement process for maximizing retail profitability

 Your team can talk with me by phone or by e-mail as often as needed for 30 days after the workshop to flesh out new ideas and implementation details.  ROI on this workshop could easily be 1000% in just a few months!


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