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Customer Model:

Customer Model:
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 Customer Retention
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 Customer Loyalty
 Retail Optimization
  Visitor Conversion
  Visitor Quality
Guide to E-Metrics
  Customer Profiles
  Customer LifeCycles
  LifeTime Value
  Calculating ROI

  Recent Repeaters
  Retail Promotion
  Pre-CRM ROI Test
  Tracking CRM ROI
Tutorial: Latency
  Tutorial: Recency
  Scoring Software
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On 9/5/02, we released a modification which resolved a problem some people were having with larger databases blowing up the app.  Now, we never claimed you could cram a huge database through Access, and we were told not to have much hope over 100,000 rows of data or so.  Still, depends on your set-up I suppose, so if you break the 100K row mark with the app, shoot me an e-mail, will ya?  The Access 97 version was not and will not be modified for large databases.

Number Two:

On 3/27/02, we released version 1.2, which resolved a "problem" people were having with non-numeric characters in the Customer ID field.  Originally, we intentionally restricted this field to numeric characters to help prevent the pain people may experience down the road from using non-numeric info in this field.  Please, talk to your IT people about this issue.

But the customer is always right, so you get what you asked for in this release.  For small biz people testing a lot of new ideas, providing this option can make a lot of sense - it is simply easier to deal with the process when you can use "anything" for a Customer ID in your database.  Companies facing longer-term issues might think twice about using this approach.

Only the Access 2000 version of the application has this extended character set capability.  The Access 1997 version does not and will not be updated to include it.

Number 1:

A permission problem with Microsoft Access 2000 was reported on 12/5/00; it was resolved on 12/5/00.  Permission parameters have been modified and an additional file is now included with the download package so the program will work equally well with Access 97 or Access 2000 under various configurations.


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