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Retail Metrics and Reporting Workshop

What will you learn in the 1 day Customer Metrics and Reporting Workshop?

Part 1

  • Which data is meaningful and important to collect and which data can be ignored
  • How to aggregate data without losing the most important action-oriented details
  • How to create simple but powerful metrics that really mean something to the profitability of your business - without bringing in a Ph.D. statistician
  • How to turn these metrics into a "where we are now" benchmarking report to measure future performance and quantify your contribution to increased profitability

Part 2

  • How to measure the performance of your "front-end" - visitor conversion to buyer - and use these metrics to both improve average visitor conversion and attract new visitors who are more likely to convert in the first place
  • How to measure the performance of your "back-end" - converting first time buyers to repeat buyers - and use these metrics to both increase average repeat rate and attract buyers who are more likely to repeat in the first place

Part 3

  • How to create and use the single most powerful retailing metric - ranking customers by likelihood to buy again
  • How to turn this ranking into a continuous improvement process for maximizing retail profitability

 Your team can talk with me by phone or by e-mail as often as needed for 30 days after the workshop to flesh out new ideas and implementation details.  ROI on this workshop could easily be 1000% in just a few months!

Get started on the road to increased profitability by scheduling a Customer Metrics and Reporting for Retailing Workshop.  

High ROI 
Customer Marketing Workshop

What topics are covered in the 2 day High ROI Customer Marketing Workshop?

Part 1

1.  Discovery - I find out as much as possible about the business from the participants so the workshop language and ideas can be customized to the business.  Lots of questions for you; you should bring any internal reports you have to facilitate answering these questions.  "We don't know" is a common answer and is perfectly OK.  We'll get there.

2.  Background - I provide general information on customer behavior analysis and customer retention strategy to make sure all participants are "up to speed" on the relevant issues.  It is very important all participants understand the fundamental concepts of customer behavior and the metrics used to monitor this behavior. 

3.  Customer Scoring - basic behavioral scoring techniques and how they are used to develop high ROI retention programs.  You will learn several different approaches and we will determine which of these might be best suited for your business and capabilities.  All you need is basic data query capability to implement customer scoring; no advanced software or data-mining capabilities are required.

Part 2

4.  Using Customer Scores - implementing the scores, scoring multiple behaviors for the same customer, and the interaction of scores with other customer data.  You will learn how the scores are used to select customers for promotions and predict the response rate of a campaign before it is run.

5.  LifeCycles and LifeTime Value - how scores are used to track and predict LifeCycles, determine maximum profitability "marketing trigger points," and compare the relative future value of customers by behavior / characteristic pairs.  You will learn how to display the LifeCycles of different customer groups visually, and how to use these displays to improve the ROI of new customer acquisition and existing customer retention promotions.

6.  Advanced Behavior Profiling - integrating the LifeCycle into reporting methods to create "customer behavior mapping" system flags and reports.  You will learn how to create the "early warning system" in a comprehensive retention program.  This system gives you a "heads up" on future retention challenges. 

Part 3

7.  Financial Modeling - simple formulas used to predict the financial outcome of high ROI marketing promotions and customer retention programs.  You will learn how to use customer scores to run "what if" scenarios and predict the profitability of customer marketing. 

8.  Program Optimization - testing methods and program levers used to maximize revenues while further reducing costs.  You will learn how to tweak your approach, deciding for each promotion in advance whether to drive top-line sales or bottom-line profits.

9.  Best Customer programs - specialized offers, measurement techniques, and testing situations encountered with these programs.  You will learn about using control groups for measuring the profitability of promotions without a response element, random sampling, subsidy costs, and halo effects.

10.  Wrap Up, Unique Situations, Q & A - CRM rules-based integration with behavior-based scoring, seasonal adjustments to models in retailing, interactive versus offline LifeCycles.  You will learn the answers to additional questions you may have.

If you would like to get together and just have a free-for-all discussion of how to start making sense of your customer data and how to make more money with customer marketing, we can do that to!  We'll touch on the subjects above, and follow whatever path you would like to take.  Some companies like structure; other companies don't.  Choose your poison.

 Your team can talk with me by phone or by e-mail as many times as they need to for 60 days after the seminar for clarification or interpretation of your results.  Your ROI on this seminar could be 2000% in a few months.

If you want a more detailed description of the general approach we will be taking, may I humbly suggest you purchase the Drilling Down book.  You may find after reading it you don't really need a workshop after all, and will be able to proceed on your own.  Up to you!


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